Talking Wardrobe vol.I

We have all seen it - trends that came and gone so quickly that sometimes you would not have oportunity to even notice it on time. 

Thankfully there are some pieces that are never changing (regardless to season or upcoming trends) 'must haves' in the wardrobe which are good to invest in although quality does not always mean spending enormous amount of money. 

The classics. Pieces that never go out of style. 

These are my eight pieces I totally love for being timeless, easy to work with and always being a strong base for any style you want to create, ready to mach with upcoming trends and accessories.

Be timeless, be fearless.

1. Lingerie

Nothing will make you as confident as sexy jet comfortable undies. Whatever the trends are, the good old fashion black or red lace will never be boring. Don't forget that nude, plain bra is a compulsory piece for white tops lovers! And nothing looks better than classy bra under the see trough top!

2. Jeans

When it comes to denim, especially in darker tones, fabric is a key. You do not want to spend few hundred pounds on jeans which are going to fade after two washing. 
Always high waisted to optically slim yourself up and 'add' few inches. Skinny fit or vintage 'mum style' jeans? I would consider both cuts as a must haves!
It's a perfect base  - you can create a casual look by putting on fun T-shirt and flats, or high hills and gold accessories to create a glam, polished outfit.

Tip: Search in local vintage shops! You may find unique stuff with original tags for a good price!

3. Leather jacket

A good black leather jacket is an investment for many years. You can work it out in so many different styles, starting from throwing it on after a work-out, spicing up office outfit, composing with flats, heels, jeans and dresses. If you are not a big fan of black, you can go a little bit crazy and pick the one in red tones or nudes.

4. Coat

You can go crazy with length, cut, color and pattern - 100% my favorite piece to work with (and probably the easiest one!). This practical investment for years is perfect for queens of minimalism and splendor lovers! You can put coat on to a fancy date or casual chill with a friend. Put some sneakers on to create a street look from fashion weeks!

5. Jeans Jacket

Just like leather jacket - goes well with everything, you can mix the styles - from edgy looks to really polished ones. Hoodies, shirts, skirts, dresses - mix it up and have fun! High heels, ripped jeans and jeans jacket is a look you must try!

6. Jumper

Nothing feels better that good quality jumper. Sometimes not so easy to maintain but always worth spending time on cleaning, especially when lasts forever! Strongly connected with  cozy fall/winter evenings, has found place on streets and in offices. Least obvious match is a better one!

7. Shirt

You can work it out in so many ways, perfect for every occasion (saver when it comes to 'I don't know what to wear!' days). I bet it would be difficult to mess with styling a shirt outfit.

8. Blazer

Top piece in parisian street style. You want to spice up sporty outfit? Put some blazer on. You want to make this skirt to looks more edgy? Put some blazer on. 
Slightly over-sized, with strongly accented shoulders, waist slimmed.