Bee Inspired

Nothing excites us more than spring/summer season! Especially me!

Sun visiting for longer and longer, and slowly starting to kiss our chicks warmly. Upcoming season giving us inspirations, fresh ideas and love!

As my heavy, dark coats are thrown into the darkness of the wardrobe, and I am slowly trying to sneak in my ripped and mum floral embroidered jeans, colors and see-through shirts to my daily outfits, I feel really excited and inspired for a new season. 

What is my main inspiration when it comes to fashion and not only? Well...

I would be lying if I did not mention all the women I see on a daily basis first. Either it's a picture of my all-time-fav Negin Mirsalehi, the queen of bees or minimalist guru Alexa Chung, or a girl I am passed by in the grocery store with the perfect outfit.

Few years ago, I would spend whole weekends searching for news on Top Shop's online stores, dreaming about what I could wear in what occasion. I would pick up the most classy, always black, simple and minimalist looks without any accessories.

Nowadays I still love it simple, I still love it black, but I am trying to make a big compromise with some (sometimes more - sometimes less) prints, colors, crazy bags and jewellery. 
Loads of trends are coming and passing by every season but I have noticed one lasting for longer - on the runways and in my heart: Splendor Nature Inspired Glam, as I like to call it. Yeah, it argues with my modern-simple soul, but I can not deny it! I, obviously, would not wear all Versace style outfit (according to my low bravery level), yet still in love with it!

And nothing inspires like nature! Fresh, lemony colors, floral prints, bugs/flower shape details and endless varieties of spring inspired fashion trends!

You can go crazy, you can start with a 'clear canvas' and spice it up with accessories (The devil's in the detail!). All up to you! 

Here are my inspirations for spring/summer 2018: 


Dolce & Gabbana:



And mentioned before Versace, the King of Prints and Fabrics: